Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be Thankful for this year, my list is endless. Most importantly at the moment is that Jana is home with us and we get to celebrate together.

I'm super excited to be spending the day with just the 6 of us this year. No phones, no computer, no outside world just us for this day. I so need to recharge of my family.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm celebrating a few things:

1) November is National Adoption Month- Celebrate it with anyone. If you never adopted but have a heart for it google adoption and look into it. If your not interested in growing your family through adoption then maybe you have a heart for families who wish too so check out one of the many fundraising groups like and help support a family make their forever dream come true. There are also many great agencies looking for funding. If you want more information on any of these ideas please feel free to email me at and be sure to reference my blog in your subject line.

2) Jana home 4 months today- 4 months ago today we met Jana and her foster family in Korea. Time sure is flying and I can't believe she is with us and has completed our family. Jana is truly an amazing addition to our family and her and I are finally bonding really well.
Although life is always overwhelming for me these days I wouldn't change a thing because before I know it everything will change again and life will become more routine.

3) Our anniversary- We will be celebrating our wedding anniversary this month. I love reflecting on how much we have overcome over the years and how we are now a family of 6. Once upon a time we wondered if we would ever have children and now we look back and see the amazing things God has done for us. Our life is a true testament of what amazing things God can do if you just have the faith. We have overcome road blocks that were just unpasssable to someone who doesn't have faith.

4) The Season- I love all 4 four season but fall by far is my favorite, all those rich colors. Every day it's like looking at a canvas of beautiful colors....

5) Life & changes- life is always hectic but I'm trying to embrace it for what it is and be thankful for all we have, all I have. God was merciful and saved our young dog 2 weeks ago when it didn't look like she could make it. Yesterday we lost a pet frog that has been with us for several years despite my efforts to save her. It was especially hard because it was Kai's frog and he lost both his gold fish's this year. It's hard trying to explain to Kai why Julian's goldfish & frog are doing well but his have passed especially when I'm the one caring for all the animals.

We have been under constant attack it seems and some days I just want to scream but then I remember it's not just us and the things we are dealing with are so small compared to what some other's have to face. We lost a neighbor to cancer just a few days ago. I can't imagine how her family is feeling, the loss they are dealing with. She was diagnosed just a couple months ago and so fast she was taken. A very dear family friend is in the hospital undergoing a very harsh treatment for a rare cancer. She is in total isolation. I think of just these two things and I realize all that God has abundantly blessed us with and how thankful I need to be. I just need to keep believing and having faith and taking 5 minutes at a time and we will make it through. It seems like every time so many things are happening in our life and when life looks the bleakest it's then that God is preparing us for something so big we couldn't possible comprehend at the time and after wards we look back and realize he was just preparing us for the next step. So I have to wonder whats coming... it must be something pretty big.... so I choose to have faith or "Walk by Faith" (song by Jeremy Camp) as I have been for the last several years.

So to me this is a time to Celebrate all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for.