Monday, May 16, 2011

Referral Day ( May 15th)

3 years ago yesterday we received Karley's referral. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Karley's referral wait was especially hard for many reasons. We had known when we finalized Kai's adoption that we would like a daughter but the program was very popular and there was a waiting list. We submitted the application the day we finalized Kai's adoption then we waited almost 2 years.

When we received notice that we could move forward we were not ready to do so and we waited some more. Finally we received our paperwork and started working on it. I remember we were on vacation visiting my sister when I got a call from our caseworker letting me know that the Korean program was making some changes and if we wanted to move along with this adoption we needed to do so right away. At the time we had some recent financial changes and I had no idea how we could do so at that time. After many conversations and lot of praying we believed we were to take a leap of faith and put the money issues in God's hands and so we did. There were many times when my faith struggled not knowing how the money would come together but then we would pray again and again and each time we needed money it would work itself out.

We ended up waiting 13 months for our referral. I remember the day the call came, I was filled with so much joy I just couldn't believe it. I couldn't wait to get home and get on my computer to see our daughter's picture. Once we got it I emailed it to Julian's teacher & asked if she would share it with him as I couldn't wait for him to find out. She called me and asked if I would come to school with the picture and show him and his class mates. Kai and I ran right over and it was so great to be able to share this moment. Then his teacher let him go visit a few of his friends in other classes to share his news.

Our next wait was even harder because Karely never came home for 4 1/2 more months but we now get to enjoy every day of her life together as a family. God has been so amazing to us and had blessed our family so abundantly.

Today I praise God for Karley and always for all he has given us and all he has not.