Friday, September 16, 2011

Trying to catch up

I had really thought I would be able to keep up with this blog but being a Mom to 4 active children is proving much more hectic than I ever dreamed but I wouldn't change a single thing about it.

The time is just flying by. Since last I posted we celebrated Jana's 1st Gotcha Day, her 2nd birthday, her referral day, enjoyed a great summer vacation, adopted a dog from a shelter, the boys went back to school, Julian & I celebrated our birthday, soccer season is back in full swing & Karley started pre-school. It's been super busy at our house and I love it that way.

When we adopted Baxter, a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel most people thought we were nuts but believe it or not only having 1 dog made things feel out of balance. Now Gypsy is happy having a companion and Baxter didn't take long at all to settle in and make himself completely at home. Just like everyone else to join the Stewart family he was meant to be and fit in perfectly.

I face daily challenges with parenting as I'm sure does most families. I can't help but wish I had the secrete to keeping everyone happy at all times but I know that's impossible. Watching the children grow so quickly and become more & more independent is both amazing and scary. It's Amazing to watch the confident, secure people they are growing into and scary to think that they are growing and maturing too fast. Letting go is not easy.

This weekend will be 3 years since Karley came home and I just can't believe where the time has gone. She started pre-school this week and she loves it. She can't wait to get there and is anxious for me to leave so she can start her day. I'm thankful for getting the one on one time with Jana but at the same time I can't wait to go pick Karley up every day. I realized the other day when I dropped Karley off that next year will be here before I know it and Jana will be starting pre-school. Wasn't it just 10 years ago yesterday? How did that much time fly by me?

Each year as we remember 9/11 it has 2 different meanings for me. It will always be the day our lives changed forever, the day when we lived thru a horrific part of history but it will always be the day that started as an incredible memory for me. On Sept 10th 2001 we sat in our Adoption Agency's meeting room for a day long seminar and discussed with a group what it would mean to become and inter-racial family. We discussed what adopting form another country would mean to us and our future child. We gained insight on how our loves would soon be changing forever. And the next day on 9/11 we submitted the last piece of paperwork for us to move forward with our homestudy and our dream of becoming parents/a family at last. The day started off with amazing hope and promise but it wasn't long before that hope changed to terror. I'm so thankful for my faith because without it I'm not sure how much more difficult life would have been.

I'm incredibly thankful to my family and friends but most especially God for taking us down the path we have traveled the last 10 years and for the love and support that has helped us along the way.

Need to run for now but hopefully I can post pictures soon. And to my follower from Korea I so wish you would let us know if you are one of our foster families or birth families or just someone who likes to follow our journey. You can always email me at if you want additional contact.

Wishing all a blessed day.