Monday, March 5, 2012

Our 1st meeting 10 year ago

10 years ago today Bill and I anxiously waited in the waiting room at Holt to meet Julian. It would be our very first face to face meeting. Until that moment we had only seen 1 picture and the love in our hearts grew from that 1 picture.

We were about to meet our future, a little boy who was so longed for, a little boy who would turn us from a couple into a family.

We had so much wonder & excitement that day as we prepared all our things at our hotel. Our cab ride was mostly in silence just smiling and nervous about so many things. We were about to experience a moment like no other, a moment that would change us forever. This day was a day we so longed for and it took way longer than we ever hoped it would but it was all God's plan, all his timing.

I will never forget that 1st moment his foster mom walked into the room. I can never explain the love that overflowed at just 1 look, 1 touch of a tiny hand. At that moment I could never have imagined the amazing journey God would take us on over the last 10 years. God truly taught us to walk by faith.

My dear Julian I hope one day you will know how very much we love and adore you. We are so thankful to God and your birth mother for entrusting you into our lives. We are so thankful to your foster mom for loving you as no other could for your first few months and helping lay the foundation for the amazing young man you are becomming.

The days to follow this amazing day went by quickly but at time not fast enough until we were able to take you with us and become a forever family.

The love we have for all the people who cared for you from the moment of your conception to the moment you were placed in my arms by your foster mom and we were sent on our way to be a family I just hope some day you all will know how much of a gift Julian is to us and how we will be forever thankful for you all.