Friday, April 30, 2010

Yipee! April's well check came

It's been a busy week and as I was leaving to run Julian to soccer I tried email one last time and there it was the April well check up I've been hoping for. YEAH!!!

The last two months there were some concerns with her development but all is looking better this month, at least I think so. We did fax the report to our pediatrician, who is awesome by the way, to review and we won't hear from her until Monday but I'm not worried. We said right from the beginning that we are meant to be a family so whatever God has in store for us he will help us through.

Baby Tae is moving right along. She gained some more weight and is up to 18lbs at 9 1/2 months. These reports are my highlights, it make me feel more connected in some way. The wait is hard so these monthly updates keep me going until the next one. I was hoping to be going to get her before the next one comes out but I'll just have to wait & see about that. It's all good, God has his perfect plan and when the time is right we will all be together. Until then I need to be patient which I'm getting a little better at. Just feeling happy that things are moving along.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week 3

Three weeks down and a possible 7 to go. I know it's completely unlikely but it really is a beautiful day for some good news. How I would love to get EP approval today. Ok I'll just settle for April's well check up. :0) I would also love a picture but I won't push it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Celebrating Kai

Celebrating Kai's Yellow Belt.
We are so proud of you


Still waiting with no news this week. I was sure that we would have received an updated medical on Friday but no word. So I made it through the weekend keeping busy and now tomorrow starts a new week and hopefully we will hear something.

We did check our 2nd week off this Wednesday as we count down to a possible 10 week travel time frame. 8 weeks to go and I'm getting more excited and anxious as we go.

The boys have a very busy social schedule so it keep us running and busy to pass the time. Kai tested & received his yellow belt this week. Julian's soccer team is doing well but his baseball team is struggling along. The school year is flying by and days are turning into weeks. This weekend our niece graduated pre-school, I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. Time slips through our fingers way too quickly anymore.

Kai is going this week to get his tux for Sally & Joe's wedding in June. The shower is this coming weekend and Sunday is Tim & Jen's baby shower so it will be yet another full weekend not to mention the sports. Bill will be playing the role of super dad with little to no help from me. :(

My friend Min has been giving me Korean lessons. I haven't learned much yet but I'm working on some general words along with teaching the boys. Also she is teaching me a little more about food so I'll have a better idea what to order. We finally decided on a hotel and made our list of "must see" things to do. Now we just need to figure what we will do on which day. I also have to call the travel agent to get a handle on the air fare as it keeps going up and I'm trying to figure how to swing it all. We went from paying $1,000 per person to almost $1800 per adult... YIKES

We still haven't decided on a name. As much as I would like to decide on a name I think I need to meet her first to be sure. We do have a short list that I'm still working on.

Julian is getting anxious about meeting his foster mom, he is hoping she will approve of him. Kai is anxious about flying. Me , well I'm just anxious with too many things to think about. The days keep slipping by and weather I realize it or not it's really getting close to a family of 5 becoming a family of 6. I still can't completely wrap my head around it.

Here's to hopeing for some good news of any form to come this week.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy 9 months Tae

Today Tae is 9 months old~ Happy Birthday little girl. Hopefully not many more of those will pass without us.

Today is also 1 week since EP was submitted so if all goes smoothly we have about 9 weeks left until travel.

I met with a friend today who is teaching me some basic Korean so I can at least be polite during our trip. Things come so much easier for Bill so I'm sure he'll do better than me with no lessons.

While Min was here we went over travel plans and she is helping me pick where we will do our sightseeing and helping me learn more about the food. We are so blessed with the people God has put in our lives.

We are still working on an American name but the boys are pretty set with Jadyn so we will see.

Good weekend

We had a great weekend.

Kai learned some new moves in his karate class on Friday night. Julian had a spring cup soccer game Saturday and Kai a birthday party. After the morning activities the kids enjoyed the school Spring Fair where they each won a big gift basket. Kai won a sports theme basket & Julian an Italian theme basket. Julian also won a jar of gumballs and yes, another gold fish. We ended Saturday by taking the kids out to dinner to celebrate their great portfolio conferences. Sunday we checked out a new church and then went off to Delaware for Julian's 1st Spring Rock League soccer game which they won.- Yeah team!

The weather was beautiful and we all had lots of fun. Love weekends like this. Thankfully we have many more to enjoy this season.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The email came at 9:01am yesterday that the EP was able to be submitted to the ministry on 4/7/10. So now I'm jumping for joy. They also told us that Korea has decided to issue EP approvals in the month of April so things are moving along again which is great to all of the families waiting.

Our agency said to allow 2 1/2 to 3 months more for travel but they also said the typical wait right now is 6 weeks for EP approval and 1 month for travel after that. That to me equals 10 more weeks (2 1/2months). Of course I had to run to count down the days and it would be June 16th. Now that being said I know I shouldn't get ahead of myself and there could quite possible be more delays but as of now I'm on the countdown to June 16th

All in all this has been a great week. Our last well report had us a little worried about some developmental issues but on Monday we got word that Tae's doctor in Korea isn't worried about her progress. Good News.

This week we had teacher conferences for both boys and they are doing outstanding- YEAH again! I'm a very proud Mom. Nothing like sitting in front of the teacher and hearing that your children are a pleasure to have in class and their work is great. Did I say how proud I was, very proud indeed.

Well I don't think I'll have much to report over the next few weeks but you never know. I will update where I can, we have an extremely busy schedule with sports, activities, planning Kai's birthday and getting ready to travel.