Friday, January 29, 2010

Well checkup

We are adopting from Korea and most of the children are in foster care there. Every month the baby goes into the agency for a well check up. Our last report was over a month ago and I'm getting anxious for some new news. I'm not worried about any medical condition I would just like some kind of update on the baby.

This time around things have been different. With our first adoption we had our home study and it was sent over to Korea a few days later. We had a referral in 2 weeks and once we accepted the referral we received monthly well reports. We traveled almost 4 months after we accepted our referral and brought our son home at 6 mos old.

The second time our home study was in April and our paperwork went to Korea about 2 weeks later. We got our referral 3 months later and traveled within 3 months of truning in our match paperwork. I brought our 2nd son home at 5 mos old.

The third time We had our home study in October but then had to put the process on hold for 6 months. Our paperwork went to Korea in April and we waited 13 months for a referral and then our daughter came home 4 months after at 9 months old. By the time we got to the 3rd adoption laws in Korea changed and the baby had to be in care of the adoption agency for 5 months before they could be referred to International Adoption.

This time around we weren't in the process at all. One day my phone rang and it was our agency saying one of your children has a sibling and they would like to place her with us. We learned about our daughter when she was just a month old. We got a photo then heard nothing until December when she turned 5 months old. We have jumped thru some pretty big hoops to pull everything together so quickly but it's all worth it. I'm so thankful that things are moving along but this time I have known about this little girl for 5 months now and I'm just anxious to hear more about her. She is meant to be with us. Thinking I may have several more months to wait is very difficult but I know that all things happen in Gods time so if I could just learn to be more patient.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ICPC approval

We got ICPC approval today. I can't believe it our paperwork was just mailed out a week ago today. I'm praying things are moving along since this is a sibling adoption. YAHOOOOOO!!!!

I really needed this news today YEAH

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thought of birth mother's

So I'm wondering how many adoptive mom's think of the birth mom's. Is it only me that obsessives some times about them.....?

I think of them on the day their child was born, the day we brought the baby home, mother's day, father's dad, all holiday's and for no reason in particular.

Do they think of that baby they gave up often? I wonder if they go back to the agency to get my letter I send and the pictures? Do they want to know how their precious little ones are doing and growing? Do they know what an amazing gift they gave us and how I'm spoiling their little angel with love? Do they hope to see their child again one day?

I often wonder if I should keep a journal of all my thought for my children for later in life. Will it help them to know how much I think of those amazing people who allowed me to have a family?

I wonder will I ever get to meet them, to thank them?

Just some things I wonder and am happy I now have a place to express my thoughts instead of keeping them inside of me.

Amos & Story com/watch? v=J4eZybIXpm8& feature=bzb302& hd=1

Heard this song for the first time today... Can't imagine waiting for a child from Haiti. Praying for all those families waiting for their children to come home and for all the orphans waiting for families...
Welcome to my blog. I'm new to the blogging world and a bit technology challenged so please bear with me while I try to figure this all out and get myself started.

I do appreciate kind advice.