Monday, January 17, 2011

Please support Davids get to his forever family

Please consider making a donation in any amount to help the Kilgore family raise the remaining funds needed to bring Davids home.

You now can follow Davids and Peter's story on their forever family's blog at

There are 147 Million Orphans out there alone in this world. Please consider helping a family make one of these children theirs. If Davids story doesn't touch your heart please consider checking out and look under the fundraising tab for a family or organization to support.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trying to help those in need of adoption funds

After learning about Davids this week I have been thinking alot about how many children are just like him. How many children around the world age out of a program and go on never to be adopted? Then I started thinking about how many families there may be who have the love to give a child but just can't afford the funds to get to them..

I've decided to blog and facebook post about 1 family or child each month. I will post links to your blog, website, facebook page etc to help you get the word out. I am only one person and I have no idea how many people I reach but I am so passionate about adoption and hope my efforts will some how help the families I support.

I have no idea how I will choose each family/child but since I usually make decisions based on my faith and my heart I'm believing God will direct me to those who could use the help.

So if your reading this post and you yourself want me to help you spread the word or you know someone who needs help spreading the word about their fundraiser or you need some fundraising ideas please email me at .

January is dedicated to Davids from Latvia please click her for more information

Thank you for reading and I hope you will all pass on the word about funds needed for Davids. Every dollor will help this boy so please consider giving.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Will Be A Carrier: Davids' Story: URGENT NEED!!!

I Will Be A Carrier: Davids' Story: URGENT NEED!!!: "Contacts for more information about Davids: 1)LeAnn Dakake (New Horizons for Children) 678-313-8321 cell dakake (a..."

How big can my heart grow

There are days (most lately) that I wonder how God thought I could possibly raise 4 children. I am overwhelmed and feel like I can't get anything completed. I wonder if I'm making the right choices and feel like a complete failure. But then one of them hug me for no reason or tell me how much they love me or thank me just out of the blue and it always seems to be at that moment that I think I just can't do one more thing.

I often watch the kids sleep at night and wonder why God blesses us so abundantly. I look at each and every one of my amazingly beautiful children and my heart swells with so much love. I admit each time we waited for placement of our children I wondered if I could love them enough. It started with Julian wondering if I had enough love to be a mother then Kai wondering how I could possibly love him as much as I did Julian but he quickly took my heart and then as we waited for Karley I wondered how any little girl could fine a place as big as "my boys" in my heart. Little did I know what I was missing. There are many days that I wonder how I lived without a daughter and then there was Jana, so completely unexpected and I wondered where she would fit in and with her strong personality she busted right into her place. I love each and every one of these children with my whole being. I think that is what God gave me The heart to love abundantly.

So in those moments that I think I can't go on, that life is just too difficult I pray that God helps me remember how much I have to be thankful for. Our life certainly has been a challenge for more years that I can count. Nothing has ever come easy to us but I think that is why I appreciate all that we do have and dare I say more than most. I look at others and and can't help but think how they take so much for granite. I think most do including me but I'm thankful for all the times I realize how blessed we really are.