Monday, July 16, 2012


Last week we celebrated Jana's Gotcha Day...

Big brother Kai got to hold you first

Then on Daddys lap

Can't believe we were in Korea 2 years ago...

Look how she's grown:

And on Saturday we celebrated her 3rd Birthday~ Minnie Mouse style

The day started with Happy Birthday and a cupcake for breakfast

Minnie Mouse cake made by cousin Megan

All dressed for the party with Karley in skirts made by Mommy

Hanging with Karley & Mackenzie

Chillin on the deck at Grandmom's 

Posing cause she loves her picture taken

Napping with Rissa during her party because it was too much fun..

Lots of good celebrating......

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


There is never enough time to do all I'd like in a day. Way too long since I posted and don't have much time today so I'm just going to post some pictures form Disney.

Jana and Minnie her favorite character of all

Julian, Kai, Karley & Jana with Cinderella At 1900 Park Fare

The kids with Pop-Pop                                   

The kids with Mom-Mom                               

Kai, Karley & Julian                                      

Minnie hugging Julian                                    
 Beautiful Jana                                                

Jana, Kai, Karley & Julian on Kai's Birthday

Lady Tremaine 1900 Park Fare                            

Prince Charming 1900 Park Fare         

Karley at the Water Park                     

Jana sporting her new shades              

Karley's most favorite princess           

Jana at the water park                      

The girls have fun                                              

Right inside of Magic Kingdom       

What a magical trip it was. I think all 9 of us had a wonderful time.